A Spring Thing

A vertical style blank planner decorated with a flower sticker, a carrot sticker, and a baby chick in an egg sticker. A yellow pen and a purple pen sit on top.

I've been meaning to start a blog on here for ages. Like, since we started the shop. I always had grand plans of making a big "first post" so I could launch it with excitement, but I always got stuck on what that first post should be. Do I make a big introductory post even though we have an "About" page right here on our store? Talk about what's going on in real life? (Not much, to be honest.) Then I got this grand idea to make the first post on the first day of spring.

That was yesterday. Not today.

The first day of spring in Wisconsin is messy. Sometimes it's snowing! It didn't snow yesterday, but there were no chirping birds, no nice breezes. It was still chilly, there's still melting slush everywhere, and mud. So much mud. The dogs have been covered from it. Hardly the cute, cartoony new beginning you see on TV.

Which is how we ended up here. A first post the day after spring, nothing fancy, a little muddy, but a "new start" none the less. So let's go!

A Few New Things 🐣🥕

First and foremost (and maybe most important?) we have just a couple fun new emoji stickers ready for spring! You can view all of them in our Springtime Splendor collection, and we'll be building up the collection even more as spring goes on. Our new emojis include fancy spring hats, bunny faces (perfect for Easter!), carrots, flowers, and more! As of today on March 21, 2023, we are currently shipping in 1-2 business days, so there's plenty of time to order for your springtime celebrations and holidays!

We've also finally caught back up with our Patreon, and all past due boxes have made it safely to their homes. We had some setbacks due to life, school, and the usual things, but we're very happy that all of our Patrons received their goodies! Be sure to follow us on social media (@findsomethingpeaceful on Instagram especially!) to see us share what people are receiving!

So what's next? 🌼

First things first, we'll be resuming our Sticker Club and Peaceful Packs on Patreon starting on April 1! Be sure to visit patreon.com/somethingpeaceful to sign up at the start of the new month. Our theme for the April is going to be Party Time and don't forget that all of our Patrons receive discount codes to use in our shop! 

We'll also be releasing our next big collection, Galactic Goodies, right here at somethingpeaceful.com on April 7. We've been working on this collection for a long time and are excited to bring you all kinds of stickers, pins, and other surprises that are out of this world. 

We are seriously so excited to be entering into a new chapter here in the shop, we're coming up on our third anniversary (!!!) and we're more excited than ever to create new things, connect with all of you (especially at events!), and find new ways to spread some peaceful cheer around the world.

Thanks so much for joining us on this adventure, and we'll talk to you soon!


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